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The World's Best Outdoor Brands

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  1. Cocoon (65)
  2. CTR (28)
  3. Houdini (10)
  4. Nalgene (109)
  5. Snowline (2)
  6. Spiroll (1)
  7. Komperdell (8)
  8. Ocun (56)
  9. Stormsure (20)
  10. Luci (5)
Cocoon Manufacturers of essential luxury sleeping bag liners and accessories for travellers, mountaineers and adventurers who travel lightly.
CTR Highly technical head, face and neckwear designed to meet the demands of the harshest conditions.
Houdini A Swedish company founded in 1993, Houdini produce clothing like nothing else you've ever experienced, both in terms of performance and the way they help you perform. Are they the biggest sports brand? Not even close. They don’t aim to be, they only aim to be the best.
Komperdell Designed and manufactured in Austria, Komperdell poles deserve their reputation for high build quality and reliability - backed up by a 3-year 'No Questions Asked' warranty.
Luci Luci lights are one of the world's most innovative lighting brands - not only completely solar-powered, but also helping developing countries 'see the light' thanks to their policy of helping finance affordable lights through retail sales. With no batteries required, the Luci range is ideal for camping, trekking, parties and just creating a special 'Luci' ambience.
Nalgene Your bottle for life while respecting the environment. Nalgene produce reusable bottles and containers: from a virtually indestructible drinking bottle for a big mountain adventure to a clean, green way of storing your dry lentils. Nalgene bottles are the bottles of choice when it comes to hydration.
Ocun Founded in the Czech Republic in 1998 by the innovative mind of Pavel Hendrych, Ocun today has over one hundred dedicated employees developing and manufacturing rock shoes, harnesses, crashpads, slings, and quickdraws within the EU, the heart of the climbing world.
Snowline No matter if used on ice, firm snow or scree, Snowline Chainsen spikes offer superior traction. They can be worn with mountaineering boots, insulated winter boots, trainers or even trail running shoes - perfect for hiking, traversing snow fields, running, Nordic walking or working on ice and snow. The elastomer structure makes Snowline spikes easy to put on and take off in seconds.
Spiroll Helmets help prevent head injury, Spiroll Rope Protectors do the same for ropes.
Stormsure The 'must-have' repair solution for everyone's adventure kit-list. A range of easily-carried adhesives (5g tube) and patches that will form a durable, flexible repair to pretty much anything.
Suprabeam Suprabeam create innovative, high-end lighting solutions by combining skill, craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art technology. The diversity of the Suprabeam product portfolio illustrates the dedication to providing the necessary lighting tools for our customers to excel in any conceivable working or leisure environment.
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