Superlight solar-light - the perfect adventure back-up

Posted By: Andy Published: 17/01/2018

WE'VE always thought of Luci's solar EMRG lamp as one of the best in their range; versatile, easy-to-use and feather-light.   In other words, the perfect adventuring companion.  Plus, of course, it has the flashing SOS sequence just in case things go wrong...

As reviewer Bob Smith, from leading UK outdoor website, says, it's simply 'a great little gadget'.

He adds: 'Don't be fooled by the name - the lamp has lots of uses apart from an emergency light.  For camping, the little Luci light is great.  Deflated, it packs down to a disc a little more than 1cm thick and 10cm diameter.  It weighs only 66g, so is a great addition to the backpacker's rucksack.

'The sides of the lamp are translucent, which gives a nice diffuse light which we found ideal for reading in our tent.  The top is clear plastic, providing a more direct light.

'The battery is a rechargeable lithium, which should give up to seven hours light on the lower setting from a full charge.  Our Luci light charged adequately, even in the weaker winter light, with a day on the window sill.

'The light has a hanging strip on the same end as the solar panel, and the lamp can also be stood on its end and is very stable.   We didn't find a use for the SOS sequence, happily, and to be honest it's a bit of a gimmick but, who knows, if you're stuck on a hill at night and needing rescue, it could be a godsend.

'The Luci EMRG is a great little gadget that makes use of a free energy source - even in a gloomy UK winter.'

You can see Bob's full review on Grough here - plus check out no less than 16 5-star reviews from US customers (post-hurricane season!) on Luci manufacturer Mpowerd's site here.  


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