How to Choose Your Nalgene Bottle

Posted By: Jason Published: 19/11/2020

You've decided on Nalgene because you've heard about their fantastic reputation for quality, durability and design, but how do you go about choosing the one that best suits your needs?

Material Composition

Nalgene bottles, storage jars and containers come in a variety of materials, each with their own special characteristics. So whether you want rigidity or flex in your products you'll find one that suits. The good news is that all the materials:

  • are BPA/BPS free so you can drink water that's safe and tastes great;
  • are dishwasher safe;
  • and have a wide temperature range so can handle boiling water and being frozen
    • TIP: if freezing your Nalgene bottles, do not fill to the top - leave an expansion gap!

Don't forget the recent introduction of 'Tritan Renew'  in a selection of 'fruity' colours - made with 50% recycled content

Bottle Style

With so many styles available, from the iconic 1 Litre wide mouth bottle to the funky OTF bottle and the traditional Oasis flask, it's difficult to select just one! Why not add to  your Nalgene family?

Here's a quick guide to the bottle styles to help you decide..

Mix & Match!

Have you already got a 1 Litre wide mouth bottle? With a switch of a cap, you can transform it into a multi-drink bottle or an OTF ready for your next Nalgene Adventure.

Check out the cap compatibility options available to you..

Gear Up for your Everyday Adventures with Nalgene!


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