Ocun's Eco Friendly Twist Tech Harnesses

Posted By: Toby Published: 01/03/2024

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There’s no question about it – our impact on the environment and climate change are the issues of our times. It’s an incredible challenge that we all share and must face together – Ocun are embracing this and doing their bit implementing a range of more sustainable working practices and increasing use of eco-friendly materials across the range.

Available now, just in time for Spring Season are the award-winning Twist Tech Eco Harnesses and Sustainable Materials Slings.

The goal was simply to create a harness made of as much recycled or bio-based material as possible – it had to be done without compromise to function, safety, durability and be comfortable – with sustainability in mind it had to be suitable for as many climbers as possible – therefore the trusted Twist Tech was the perfect foundation.

The Twist Tech Eco features;

  • 82% by weight recycled or Bio Based materials.
  • Ultra safe – the connection of waist belt and leg loops is designed in such a way that “faulty tie in” will not compromise the strength of the harness.
  • Superbly comfortable – the moveable, floating waist belt is firm and supportive, adjustable leg loops ensure a perfect fit.
  • Versatile – lightweight with 5 generous gear loops make the harness equally at home sport and trad climbing.

Depending on the function of the component a variety of either pure recycled material is used, or blends of recycled and virgin material. Only a few elements are virgin material where no alternative exists;

Always a critical part of climbers’ kit, webbing slings form part of so many other related pieces of equipment. Putting it simply, the strength of slings comes not only from the way the textile is woven and sewn, but also from the density of the raw material – the strength of the thread is very much related to it’s mass! If you’ve ever tried to pick up a drum of thread or webbing waiting to be made up into finished product, you’ll know it’s weight is quite staggering!!

Given the total weight of webbing used in any given year, producing more eco-friendly webbing materials is an important target and can make a very significant contribution to sustainability.

Ocun uniquely now use two sustainable webbings – ECO Polyester and Bio-Based Dyneema.


These slings contain at least 50% of recycled polyester, sourced as waste from other production.

ECO-PES meets the requirements of Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

This material is now used across the Ocun range in quickdraws, slings and Daisy Chains.

Bio-Based Dyneema

Chemically and physically indistinguishable from virgin material Dyneema, Bio-Based Dyneema is remarkably conjured up from waste material arising from wood pulping.

Bio-based Dyneema has the lowest carbon footprint per unit strength compared to other synthetic fibres, while maintaining the same performance, strength and longevity as conventional Dyneema.

Compared to conventional Dyneema, Bio-Based Dyneema emits 5 tonnes less CO2 per metric tonne of fibre produced. This is the equivalent CO2 released by charging 637k smartphones, or the amount of CO2 absorbed by growing 83 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Bio-Based Dyneema fibre is certified according to International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). This guarantees good and sustainable practices while verifying that it originates from a transparent and traceable supply chain. It also guarantees that the amount of bio-based material sold is not more than the amount sourced.

Unique to Ocun, this amazing material is being used across the range, including on the Twist Tech Eco harnesses;

Head down to your local Ocun retailer for more information! 



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