Ocun : Pearl Rock Shoes - 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Posted By: Jason Published: 03/03/2023

Exactly twenty years ago, the first concept of the now legendary PEARL climbing shoe was created. Over the years, the shoe has evolved in various ways, changing the fastening methods, sole compounds, but until today the Pearl is built on the same Radical last to maintain its performance and precision.





Tomas Mrazek, who won the World Cup in 2004 and the World Championships twice in 2003 and 2005, participated in the development.



For this year's anniversary we have prepared a limited edition of 2023 pairs of climbing shoes with a special 20th anniversary logo.




The lace-up version allows precise tightening and a great fit all around the instep of the foot. The laces will also be appreciated by those who are going for multi-pitch or crack climbing.



Down-turned last with radically shaped front, medium asymmetric. Front is constructed for moderately stressed toes with enough space for all toes. The last is suitable for normal to narrow foot with small volume heel.



All the materials used in the production of the PEARL are synthetic and do not have animal origin. The Microfiber used is stable and does not deform during use, so the climbing shoe keeps its shape.



CAT 1.5 was developed with a focus on high adhesion, which significantly increases the frictional efficiency of the sole. The hardness of the compound is set to an optimum value to ensure sufficient stability even when standing on small footholds and edges.





All climbing shoes in our offer use the seamless heel system, which gives the climber excellent comfort not only when slipping on, but also during advanced climbing techniques such as heel hooking.



Production of the Peal 20th Anniversary Special Edition is strictly limited to 2023 pairs....if you would like a pair please do give us a call at First Ascent!



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