Christmas Gifts That Give

Posted By: Toby Published: 14/12/2023

Light up your Christmas by giving a light that gives!

MPOWERD is a company dedicated to looking after people in tough situations. From disaster relief work to people in need, to protecting our environment MPOWERD do their upmost best to support this wherever they can.

MPOWERD are a B-corporation working with over 700 national governing bodies to help make a positive impact towards the planet and people in need. Donating solar lights help people who don’t have access to light. This then helps keep people safe, happy, and educated which helps keep the economy growing and the opportunity for people to thrive.

Let There Be Light In Uganda

In many rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, access to electricity is still a dream. Although the grid reaches some urban and peri-urban communities, most people in rural Uganda have no access to safe lighting. Imagine trying to study or do chores in the dark or using only a candle or a kerosene light. Imagine trying to take care of your family or run a business. Imagine spending up to 30% of your total household income on a small, dangerous, and polluting kerosene lantern that puts you and your children at risk.

MPOWERD in partnership with Solar Health Uganda and a generous donation from Wilkinson Supply Co., LTBLI brightened hundreds of lives, making homes safer and helping to increase the financial stability of vulnerable households through reduced spending on unsustainable, non-renewable lighting.

Luci Lights make a wonderful little, yet powerful gift that is ideal for any outdoors and travel go getter! From campervans and motorhomes, to camping and hiking or even just general home use. What’s not to love about these wonderful solar lights.

Key Features:

·       Solar Charging

·       Various Colour Options (Available on most models)

·       Lightweight and Packable

·       Large Variety of Uses

·       Good for the Planet

Works great as a kid’s toy, essential camping equipment, emergency gear, general home use and much more.

Lifestraw – Lifestraw Personal Straw

Safe water is for everyone!

Doing Good

For every 500 products sold, Lifestraw distribute a LifeStraw Community purifier to a school in need which provides safe water to 100 school children for a period of five years. Put another way, one purchase of any LifeStraw product provides a year of safe water to a child in need, five purchases provide that child with safe water for the next five years.

Doing Less Harm

It’s a sad reality that climate change often has a disproportionate harmful impact on vulnerable communities.

Lifestraw strives to create products from sustainable materials that offer healthy alternatives to more wasteful options such as single-use plastics. Lifestraw is a Climate Neutral Certified Brand, measuring and completely offsetting its annual greenhouse gas emissions.

The eponymous Lifestraw Personal Straw is an absolute must have for any outdoors lover. Being able to drink safe water while exploring, travelling, camping and so on is an absolute necessity. It’s vital to know that the water going into your body is safe and free of any nasties. With the Lifestraw Personal Filter you can filter up to 4000 litres of water, yet is small enough to be able to store it in your pocket.

Key Features:

-          Weighs only 65 grams

-          Overall size 3.2 x 19.5 cm

-          Filters against 99.9% of bacteria, parasites and microplastics

-          Filters 4000l of water

-          Standard drinks bottle thread for easy filtering

-          Small, lightweight, and compact

-          Enhanced microfilter performance to stop clogging of filter

-          Available in 2 colours


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