New Neon Harnesses now in stock!

Posted By: Jason Published: 22/02/2019

Neon: Lightness weight, comfort and style

Neon is our new, luminescent harness designed for performance climbers. By researching what sports climbers require from their harness, and carefully thinking through the resulting design, in our Neon harness we have successfully found the perfect balance between three key parameters:
These are the three harness properties that climbers care about the most.

Neon weighs just 290 g. The design of its construction ensures equal diffusion of energy during a fall – with a Neon harness falls are appreciably softer. We have achieved the high level of wear comfort using padding, which is not only HIGHLY BREATHABLE, but also WIDER than the load-bearing waist straps. With this feature, Neon is our solution to every sport climber’s wish for a harness that’s light, but which doesn’t constrict or cut into the skin.

Other advantages include:

  • Use of stainless-steel fittings ensures long harness life even when used in coastal zones
  • A safety element sewn into the tie-in loops warns you when the harness is too worn
  • Florescent colour means you’ll never leave it behind on the crag

Besides the ultra-lite Neon harness, we also have the more adaptable Neon 3 with added buckles and the women’s Neon Lady.

ultra-light yet still comfy​

light, comfy and adjustable

light harness specially designed for the female anatomy


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