Lifestraw: New Peak Gravity Purifier

Posted By: Toby Published: 14/03/2024

The LifeStraw Peak Series Gravity Water Purifier is a portable, high-capacity water purification system that removes viruses, in addition to bacteria, parasites and microplastics from drinking water.

This rugged, 8L system boasts an exceptionally high flow rate of 30L/hr and has a lifetime capacity of 18,000 liters – that's about five years of safe drinking water for a family of five.

The product is easy to use, ideal for emergency preparedness and survival situations as well as camping, adventure and international travel. The kit includes a leakproof cap, custom backwash syringe, and hang strap with carabiner for easy hanging and carrying. The system functions exclusively off of gravity and does not require any pumping, batteries or power sources. 

Re-engineered Purifier Filter for Maximum Protection and Flow Rate

The secret is in the straws - thousands of micro-porous straws are looped into the filter cartridge - water is able to pass through the micro-porous side walls of the straws, but pathogens and micro plastics cannot. Adding together the surface area of all the many straws makes the filtration surface huge and thereby ensures the high flow rate.

Our filters do get blocked - we're proud to say it - it's how you know they are doing their job! When the flow rate does start to diminish - no problem - cleaning is easy, simply use the provided syringe to "back flush" the system, clean out the micro pores and you're good to go again.

Independently Tested

All LifeStraw water filters and purifiers are rigorously tested and certified by independent labs and our own ISO certified lab to exceed protocols established by the US Environmental protection agency (EPA) and NSF International/ANSI.

Check for yourself - you can find out much more about the rigorous testing regimes LifeStraw employ via the link below and click through to actual Performance and Test Reports reports of finished product;

Doing Good

At LifeStraw we believe everyone deserves equitable access to safe drinking water  - it's why the company exists.

LifeStraw originated as a simple pipe filter to assist the Carter Center with the eradication of Guinea worm disease. Since 1994, LifeStraw has provided over 38 million Guinea worm filters to support eradication efforts.

The LifeStraw "Give Back Program" has developed and evolved to the point where for every 500 products sold we distribute a LifeStraw Community Filter to a school in need, which provides safe water to 100 children for one year. The schools are supported and the filters maintained by an extensive army of volunteers and LifeStraw personnel on the ground.

You can view the most recent LifeStraw 2022 Responsibility Report here.

Inside the report are all the facts and figures, plus many inspirational stories of how LifeStraw is making a positive impact to water health, not only in Africa, but around the world.


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