The All New Luci Site Lights

Posted By: Toby Published: 11/01/2024

Illuminate your path to sustainability with Luci Site lights, the ultimate solar-powered and USB-charging solution in the category of Solar & USB Charging. Designed by the innovative brand Luci MPOWERD, these incredible lights combine cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly features to bring you a truly illuminating experience.

Key Features

• Illuminates 1,000 sq feet (total)
• 6 hangable and weatherproof lights
• 6 ABS stakes with notch for securing guidelines
• Lights snap onto stakes
• Lights charge in case via magnets with colour indications on battery level
• Recharge case via solar or USB-C
• Lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge
• 3 light modes with dual-directional on/off

Product functions
• 3 light modes with convenient dual-directional
  on/off swivel
• 3 modes: Low (up to 20 hours), medium (up to 12 hours)
  high (up to 6 hours)
• Battery level indicator

• Lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge
• Recharge case via solar or USB-C
• Rechargeable 2,600 mAh battery
• Lights charge in charging case, which can charge
  all 6 lights twice on a full battery
• High efficiency solar panel

• Lights: 2.3 inches (6 cm)
• Stakes: 6 inches (15.2 cm)
• Case: 7.3 x 2.9 x 3.7 inches (18.5 x 7.3 x 9.4 cm)

Featuring six hangable lights with convenient dual-directional on/off swivel, six near-indestructible ABS stakes, and one sleek charging case for storage, Site Lights illuminate any scene for up to 20 hours on a single charge. Whether using the lights independently as “stringless string lights” or connecting onto the stakes to form an illuminated tent peg, the user-friendly design makes using the multipurpose Site Lights a breeze. From brightening up dinners on the patio to off-grid adventures, Site Lights are the perfect choice for making memories under the night sky.


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