New Ocun Sustainable Packaging

Posted By: Toby Published: 30/11/2023

Ocun Eco Friendly Packaging

Introducing Ocun's new updated sustainable packaging!

For quite sometime Ocun have used their iconic red and white packaging for almost their whole product range. Over the last few months Ocun have decided that they want to update this packaging for a new, better eco friendly version.

As pictured below you can see Ocun's old versus new packaging. The new packaging gives a much more modern and professional look as well as the added sustainable and eco friendly finish.

Over the new few months Ocun will be using less and less of the old style packaging and moving onto the new eco friendly version, but carrying on producing the same great products that you know and love. 

We are proud to be providing brands that show care and determination towards looking after the planet, whether this be sustainable materials and packaging, reducing and recycling waste or giving back to the communities in need.  


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