Air-Core gets Grough thumbs-up!

Posted By: AndyH Published: 23/11/2017

Great to read that the test-team at Grough – one of the UK’s leading outdoor websites – is as keen on the Cocoon Air-Core pillows as we are.   We’ve always argued that one of the keys to enjoying the great outdoors over several days is to get decent sleep when camping – and the 184g Air-Core is one of the best means of ensuring exactly that.  It’s definitely NOT your average camping pillow, but don’t take our word for it – read what Grough’s Bob Smith says:

‘We love camping, but we do insist on one or two creature comforts, even in the wildest of locations, and a pillow is one of our essentials for a good night’s sleep.  Yes, you can pack a stuffsack with your clothes, but we always find a lump sticking in our ear or an errant zip keeping us awake.

‘So we were happy to head to the hills with the Cocoon Air-Core Pillow in our pack.  This version has a nylon underside and a polyester microfibre fabric on the top side, which provided a snug, warm sleeping surface and stopped the head sliding off the pillow well too.

‘The inflatable core of the pillow can be blown up in about four breaths.  The twist-closure valve is similar to those found on inflatable sleep mats and the inner core is made from tough fabric.  There’s a polyester insulated layer either side of the cover and the inflatable core can be removed to enable washing of the cover.

‘We found the Cocoon pillow kept the head at just about the right height, either when lying on our back or on our side in the tent. Letting just a little air out of the pillow made it a bit softer while still supportive.

‘The deflated pillow fits into a stuffsack that packs down to just 11cm x 8cm diameter, and the pillow adds only 184g to your pack, which we reckon is a small price to pay for a comfortable night in the sleeping bag and a good night’s sleep.’

You can read the review, which forms part of Grough’s Xmas Outdoor List (including our very own Luci Light and classic Nalgene 32oz bottle!) on Grough here.


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